Depending on the residence and academic achievements, qualified individuals may apply for one of the following types of memberships. Unless otherwise noted, all members have voting rights and may hold elected or appointed positions (e.g. officer, auditor, director, or chair of a committee) as articulated in the bylaws.

The board of directors or a committee empowered by it must approve the admission of all members.

A- Regular Members

Regular members include all members who are faculty and non-faculty members. Faculty members include all members having a full time position at an accredited academic institution. Non-faculty Members include all members having temporary positions (Post-doctoral fellows and associates)

Faculty position:                                                 $100

Non faculty:                                                          $50

B- Junior/Student Members

Junior/Student members include all members who are students, volunteers or in training.

Students:                                                             $20

Volunteers:                                                         $20

C- Associate /Honorary Members

Associate/Honorary members include all members of the Association who are neither regular members nor junior/student members :


Please fill the form below to apply for membership. The membership committee  will review your application and send you a response by email.

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