Ilhem Guernah . M.S.

Ilhem Guernah received an Associate degree in chemistry from New York City Technical College where she tutored math and biology to undergraduates. Later, she pursued a Bachelor’s degree in biology at Brooklyn College and obtained hands on laboratory experience studying the underlying relationship between Diabetes and Obesity in animal model. After graduation in 2000, Ilhem joined the laboratory of Pier Paolo Pandolfi at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center where she helped characterizing the transcriptional properties of Pokemon gene and its role in development, differentiation and oncogenesis among other projects which led publications in prestigious journals such as Nature. While at MSKCC, Ilhem decided to pursue her Master’s degree in molecular biology at New York University where she graduated with honors in 2003. In 2005, Ilhem joined Imclone Systems, a wholly Owned Subsidiary of Eli Lilly where she is currently working as a senior research scientist. Her research involves investigating novel antibodies and their underlying targeted pathways in various cancer types.