Azedine Medhkour, M.D, 


Dr. Medhkour graduated from the Institute of Medical Sciences of Algiers in June, 1977. He then decided to pursue a carrier in Neurosurgery and started training in Paris at La Pitie Salpetriere and Sainte-Anne hospitals in 1979. He was fortunate to be accepted at New York University Medical Center. Neurosurgical Training at New York University was excellent. His research training was at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) and Harvard Medical School in Boston. Dr.Medhkour spent two years performing basic science research on Brain Tumors at MGH, in Boston. This was followed by one year of Clinical Research at the Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York. After practicing neurosurgery during three years in Algeria, he returned to the USA and continued his neurosurgical carrier with two world leaders in neurosurgery: Drs Yasargil and Al-Mefty at Little Rock, Arkansas. He is currently assistant professor and the chief of the division of neurosurgery at the University of Toledo Medical Center, Ohio. His goal is to help build a bridge between the USA and Algeria, a bridge based on scientific knowledge exchange as the main pillar. This can only promote better understanding and enhances friendship between the people of both countries.