• April 15, 2020

Dear community and generous donors,

Thank you for your great generosity!

We, at AASA greatly appreciate your contributions and sacrifices during this difficult time.

Your donations help further our mission and support our target action: helping our Algerian community during the Covid-19 pandemic.

We would like to provide an update on our ongoing purchase and delivery of specific goods to Algeria.

We have purchased $30,000 worth of molecular biology reagents that are needed to perform the RNA Covid-19 testing. The items purchased correspond to the specification given by the Pasteur Institute in Algeria and should be amenable to work on most platforms that are available in Algeria.

Buying reagents is a better investment than buying ready kits and should save us money and ensure we can use the reagents in multiple machines.

We would like to use an analogy to describe the logic behind our decision. Buying molecular biology reagents instead of kits is similar to buying loose coffee instead of buying coffee pods. It is cheaper and does not require a specific coffee machine.

We continue to raise money and we will keep ordering the items to the pandemic in Algeria based on the needs without being redundant with other similar, ongoing efforts. We are currently in the process of putting in a second order.

We will keep you informed with any other updates.

Your contributions show how our community can come together and are very uplifting and encouraging.

Thank you and stay safe,

AASA team